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Memel - October 2009

The Ronderus weekend which we later dubbed, the FJ Challenge in a shameless rip-off of the well known BMW GS Challenge.

So, our friend Danie decided to arrange a "surprise" ride for the female authoritative figure in his life. The plan was that Jo and Mags (my better half) would not know about each other being on the ride, nor where we were going. It took some logistics, but Danie pulled it off.

Basically, at departure time the information setup looked a little like this:

Danie: He arranged it all, he knew it all.
Myself: As I had to make the scam work I had some inside info.
Mags: Knew very little.
Jo: Knew nothing.

We met at Heidelberg. Great surprise was expressed and the chickens tried to trick us into letting slip the final destination. We didn't and they kept trying. In fact, every time we stopped at a robot or stop sign, Mags yelled a town name at me, hoping I would slip up and let the cat out of the bag.

We left Heidelberg, past Balfour and Greylingstad to Standerton where we filled up with motion lotion. Straight road, not too busy and rather uneventful, except for a beastly speed cop who managed to pick the one rider without a license on the body, to stop and ask for a license. How the heck did he do that? A red phone connected to Madame Zarkowaniskowfski? Karma? We left Balfour, with Mags a nice, round R500,00 poorer.

From Standerton to Vrede we did a bit or rain riding, but the thunder shower was going in the opposite direction, so we soon parted ways. We pulled into Memel to stock up on goodies and groceries and stuff. I must say, that F650GS twin looks on fire with a bag of charcoal strapped onto the pillion seat!

This is sort of where our weekend ride turned into a bit of a challenge. The R722 was chopped up and turned into the D??? or S???, or something that means, dirt road. It came as a surprise to us all, but Jo smiled. She likes dirt roads and have some experience, especially after the 2009 Eco Challenge. The rest of us put on a brave face and off we went. Heck, it was bumpy!

About 30 k's later we arrived at Ronderus Guesthouse. Man alive! What an awesome place. Situated on the side of a mountain between all sorts of weird rock formations, the setting is truly awesome. They can accommodate 12 people in a rondawel and a hut. Therer is a great lapa and at R150 per person per night, won't have the bank manager in tears. This place is a MUST VISIT for the duelie dudes and dudettes amongst us. Great setting and plenty km's of dirt roads and mountains and stuff.

Saturday we nipped into Vrede for a brêkkie at Ou Hout. Jo scratched around in some antique shops and then we returned to Ronderus to be lazy. Very lazy.

Sunday we came home. The same route as Friday, but in reverse and without the cops. We made it home in time to see Mr Spies become the World Champion.

Danie, a FJ (sport bike for those who don’t know) rider arranged it all and I thank my lucky stars he doesn't ride a 1200GSA. If he picks this much dirt while riding a FJ, one can only imagine what his route selection from a GSA would be! Great ride Danie. Thanks.
Parked at the final destination, Ronderus Guesthouse:
The rondawel. This sleeps 7 people:

The view from the rondawel:

Mags gaining valuable experience, fast!

Mags showing us the only bit of road in the area without potholes!

Vinkie enjoying the ride, playing at being a GS Adventure rider. Take that Beemers! ;-)

Ronderus entrance:

OuHout (Old Wood). Doesn't look like much from outside but the inside is a different story. You can get a mean brêkkie there for only R38.00.

Once again we enjoyed a great ride. I wonder? Cape Town can really not be that far and we do have some time in March next year .....

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