The race!

This is what happened to me on the way to work today.

I picked up a robot to robot DICE!!!

Now, some of you may well pick up a dice on a daily basis, but me, bordering on the old fart side of life, picking up a dice only comes slightly more regularly than picking up a 20 year old supermodel with questionable morals. It just doesn't happen that often anymore.

I filtered through the traffic to the front at a red robot. Immediately to my left was this 30-something antie in a Hyundai Matrix. Out of the corner of my eye (even with my older than young pup eyes, I still have excellent periferal vision) , I could read by her body language that she was not happy with this dastardly, devilish, doer of dirty deeds Dee-El rider who dared the lane splitting thing. In fact, she had blown herself up like a bullfrog (maybe she is just biggish ny nature) and her face had turned as red as the red line on her rev counter where the needle was now hovering. It is clear she was not a happy antie.

The robot turned green and we were off! She actually screeched her wheel as she took off. She must be a long lost family member of Michael Schumacher or something. I dropped the clutch and I was off. Leaning forward to keep the front wheel down. I came to next to her front door, but she hooked 2nd and dropped me a bit. I flicked through 2nd and 3rd and was up to her door again when she hooked 3rd and left me a car's lenth behind! Then we braked for the next robot.

This time I was ready for her. Robot green and I was off! Got the holeshot and left her behind. Then I slipped 2nd gear and she was right next to me. Darn-it! I hooked 3rd and pulled half-a-Strom lenth ahead, but she really hit the gas in that Matrix and pulled alongside again. Time to brake for the next robot. She went left and I went straight and the dice was over.

What a dice!  What a race! What an adrenalin rush!  Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!

Thing is, I am now very worried and I need advice from the technical buffs. Since the DL is just a piece of tupperware from Japan, did I damage the engine by this repeated revving it to as much as 3000 revs?