Monday, March 21, 2011

Five Beemers and a Kawasaki goes east - March 2011

Some pictures:

Magda's steed, ready for the road.

My storybike, on Steenkampsberg
toward the end of the weekend.

What does that yellow P with the line through it mean, Trish? "Er ... aaahhmmm, uh ... which yellow P?"

Barry and Danie living their
childhood fantacy of being a
traffic cop hiding in the bushes.

The road ahead. Rosehaugh.


The chickens with Trish's ride.

The riders and their scoots:

  • AndrĂ©: BMW R1200GS
  • Barry: BMW R1200GSA
  • Danie: BMW R1200GS
  • Elouise: BMkaWasaki ER6F
  • Magda: BMW R1200GS
  • Trish: BMW F650GS (thumper)


The 6 of us started our ride at Halfway Cuppa, our normal Friday morning biker's coffee venue at Mr Bojangles in Midrand. We filled up on the normal Halfway Cuppa banter and jet fuel coffee before we hit the road at around 08:00 or so.

From HC to Witbank we had an uneventful, even boring ride. That is what riding on a highway usually is. Boring and uneventful. In fact, it was so boring and uneventful that very few of the group even saw the two speed traps we passed. Fortunately, all six of us being law abiding citizens, no one was exceeding the posted speed limit. Just outside Witbank, there was a a roadblock and the coppers chose me to flash my license and stuff at them. The rest of the group waited for me and after I did the flashing stuff, satisfying the cop's curiosity, off we went.

On the way to Hendrina, Elouise and her ER6F did an impromptu off road riding course and practise, due to some road works on our route. No problem. She rode the sand like a pro and possibly even slithered around less than the GS (Geen Sand) BMW's. We played dodge the pothole for about 50 k's. We were pretty successful at this as not one of us require new rims, tyres or teeth today.

After Carolina the straight and terrible roads disapeared in our mirrors as we headed into the twisties. I believe a lekker ride was had by all and by the time we got onto Kaapsche Hoop Road out of Nelspruit, we had shrugged off the city air and dust from our posteriors and could actually lean a bike again. Kaapsche Hoop Way, between Nelspruit and Kaapsche Hoop must be one of the best playgrounds for bikers in the country.

We arrived at our accommodation at Kaapsche Hoop and after a quick hop into Ngodwana for groceries and stuff we, relaxed around the braai. What a ride that always is! From Kaapsche Hoop to Ngodwana is 11 kilometers, yet the the road drops by just over a kilometer. Amazing riding and scenery and well worth a visit, even in a cage (vehicle with doors and stuff).

Some stories of the ride was exchanged and I believe Danie's story about the white Polo and him almost having an intimate moment, sort of took the cake.That having been said, the funniest thing I ever did see was Trish throwing a tennis ball for a dog. Unbelievealble, but she managed to miss all off Mphumalanga and hit the braai fire. This in itself was rather funny, but then the stupid dog went in after the ball, into the fire! Thankfully (although Danie as the braai master would disagree) the fire fell over and the dog and ball was saved. Of course, getting the fire back into the braai was rather interesting. We managed to borrow a spade as no one, including Trish, would volunteer their hands.

So, the route for the day: Midrand, Bapsfontein, Delmas, Witbank, Hendrina, Carolina, Badplaas, Baberton, Nelspruit, Kaapsche Hoop. Just over 400k's for the day.


We did a really lazy 200 odd km loop through bits of ET (Mphumalanga). We left Kaapsche Hoop and went "straight" for Ngodwana. Then, Montrose, Sudwala, Rosehaugh, Sabie, Hazyview, White River, Nelspruit and back to Kaapsche Hoop.

We played in the twisties, then played some more. Had a brunchie at Hazyview, which was sponsored by Barry. It was his penalty for taking soooooooooooo much time that morning to get ready. Man alive, I have seen 95 year old tannies get ready quicker than our Foxy friend. Worsdt part is, after all that "getting ready" he was still just another hairy arsed, ugly biker.

We popped into a mall in Nelspruit to do the Cansa Shavathion thing. All the guys walked out of there with almost no hair and some truly psychadelic biker chicks with them. Although not planned this way, this was the second time that we found ourselves in Nelspruit during this initiative to raise money by CANSA (Cancer Association of South Africa). Being biker we always do what bikers do best. We support the cause and the guys all had their hair shaved off, and the chickens had their hair painted.

Cruised back to Kaapsche Hoop and braaid again. We managed to keep Trish, the ball and the dog away from the braai this time round.


We left, eventually, as none of us seemed in a "let us go home" mode.

I think we eventually hit the road at 10:00 and this time we didn't wait for Barry to finish his make-up. We were just all in a "I wanna stay here mode".

Kaapsche Hoop, Ngodwana, Montrose, Sudwala, Rosehaugh, Lydenburg, Roossenekal, Stoffberg, Middelburg, Witbank, Bronkhorstspruit and individual homes.

Elouise and I played a bit on Long Tom Pass before we had a late brunch in Lydenburg. We spend a hour or two here as we watched the Proteas lose a World Cup cricket match against England. The *()&^&*%&) Proteas!!! We also waited for Barry who took a quick ride back to Sabie, from Long Tom, to go fill up with petrol. I thought those GSA's had humongous fuel tanks?

Then we hit my favourite pass, Steenkampsberg Pass, which was sadly also the last twisties for the weekend. Maybe a good thing as, by now. we have all being transformed into wannabe Rossis. Not a good thing, really, unless you are, in fact .... Valentino Rossi. A lot of fun was had by all. A lot!

As usual, the road from Roossenekal to Stoffberg was actually a collection of potholes held together by small patches of tar. We negotiated this bit without incident and after a quick Coke 'n Smoke stop in Middelburg we headed fro Bronkhorstspruit, where goodbyes were said. We all went our different ways after about 420 km's for the day. We were all in agreement that this long weekend was about one week too short!

We must do this again .... and soon!