Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Drakensburg - November 2008

Riders: Danie, Mags, André
Bikes: Yamaha FJ1200, BMW F650GS, Suzuki DL1000

Day 1:

31 October, the three of us left for the Drakensburg. We followed the N3 southward through Heidelberg, Expensive Toll Gate, Villiers, Expensive Tollgate, Warden, Harrismith. Swinburne and the Van Reenen to our destination. We would stay at the beautful Wyford Farm on Van Reenen's Pass.

The ride was uneventful, except for those *(^&%)( toll gates who, in South Africa rip us off charging the same as for a car. Van Reenen's Pass is always a jou to ride, even though the speed limit is low, it is usually pretty busy with traffic and speed traps are like fleas on a very mangy dog's back.

After arriving at Wyford Farm, Danie and I did a quick ride to get the required goodies and groceries for the weekend. To our disgust (yeah, right), Van Reenen did not have anything available. Neither did Swinburne, so we had to ride all the way back to Harrismith, in the process crossing the Van Reenen's Pass. Obviously, from Harrismith back to Wyford Farm, we had to do it again. What a bummer ...... such a bummer ....

Wyford Farm is a guesthouse, but also a working farm with a history that stretched back many years. It also played a pivotal role during the Anglo-Boer War with the owner at the time having been charged with high treason twice! Once by the English and once by the Boers. High treason being a death penalty crime, it is amazing that he somehow escaped the firing squad twice. He must have had good connections, extremely high up. Even higher than the King of England or General Jan Smuts. Even higher than President Paul Kruger. Much .... much higher.

Day 2:

We rode a nice loop through the Drakensberg visiting places such as:

  • Extremely Expensive Toll Gate
  • Spioenkop Dam
  • Winterton
  • Champagne Castle
  • Bergville
  • Little Switserland
  • Oliviershoek Pass
  • Sterkfontein Dam

We returned to Wyford Farm for a nice braai and a rest.

Day 3:

Time certainly flies when you are having fun, so before we knew it, it was time to go home. We planned to ride through the Golden Gate and Clarens, but due to extreme wind, chose to avoid that bit. We also decided to avoid the Extremel Expensive Toll Gates and used back roads instead. They led us through Kestell, Reitz, Heilbron, Vereeniging and home.

This was Mags' second long ride and she did extremely well. We must go on a third soon .... maybe to the sea. Everyone likes going to the sea ......

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