Sunday, June 8, 2008

CMA Ladies Breakfast Run - 25 May 2008

The Route:

Mags was invited, by the lady whose bike she had bought, to join them on a Ladies Breakfast Run from Menlyn Square in Pretoria to the Biker's Church in Midrand. The "go/no go" decision was discussed and due to her being a brand new biker she was understandably unsure about going. Mags is however a very determined person and accepted the invitation.

So, Sunday 25 May we hit the road again.

This route can be divided into three separate rides.

Ride 1: Bapsfontein to Menlyn Square Shopping Center.

Just Mags and me. She led and I followed, watching carefully. It was becoming clear to me that she was turning into a biker by the kilometer. Although she was on a steep learning curve and often concerned herself over little things, it was evident to me that her natural ability was developing by the kilometer.

I delivered her to the ladies at Menlyn Square and left with the husbands and boyfriends on a ride to Cullinan where we had breakfast. This is not about us though, so no further mention of the guys.

At Menlyn Square:

Ride 2: Menlyn Square Shopping Center to Midrand.

The group of ladies departed from the Menlyn Square Shopping Center for the Biker's Church in Midrand where a breakfast was waiting for them. At the Biker's Church they were treated to a breakfast and a talk. Mags tells me she enjoyed the ride very much although she was worried at first as this was her first ride without me keeping an eye out. It was also her first ride with other riders in a group. According to her it was a great ride, enjoyed by all involved.

Ride 3: Midrand to Bapsfontein.

At the end of their brêkkie it was time to ride home. The ever so brave Mags decided not to call me to come fetch her and she hit the road all by herself. She made it all the way home riding alone for the first time ever. To make matters more "interesting" it had started raining! This mean that she did her first solo ride in the rain! Yep. How's that for going from beginner novice to hardened (albeit wet) biker in one quick morning.

There is only one prouder than she is and that is me. What a wife! (Must remember to hang on to her!)

She is dragging me, kicking and screaming to AMID (Bike Expo and I don't like expos) this weekend and is already putting pressure on me to make bookings for a weekend ride to Lydenburg, Sabie, Graskop and Pilgrim's Rest.

I think I may have created a monster!

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