Saturday, August 21, 2010

ET again (A quick weekend ride) - August 2010

Mags' storybike at the Long Tom Monument between Lydenburg and Sabie.

Riders: This time, just Mags and me.
Bikes: The Strom and the Beemer.

So, our rear ends were a-itchin' and we had to go. We decided to give the work off for the Friday, creating a three day weekend for ourselves and we hit the road. Destination, Graskop.

Day 1: Home to Graskop.

We rode the 350 odd kilometers from Bapsfontein to Graskop at a nice easy pace, stopping often for to take pictures and admire the scenery. During one stop in Belfast, I chatted with a guy who owned at least 10 bikes and had a BMWS1000RR on order. As we left I noted that he was a car guard, dependent on tips for a living and realised the bikes and tales were in his imagination. Ah well, he was good company while Mags took a pee break. We all know that with Atgatt on, that can be a slow and cumbersome process.

We found some thick mist on Long Tom and struggled a tad the first part. The road was wet and visibility somewhere between zero and nothing. Thankfully it cleared up after the Long Tom Canon Monument and we made good time from there.

Arrived in Graskop, booked into our log cabin and started freezing our butts off. A cold front from the Cape had arrived with us and, uninvited booked in with us.

Day 2: Graskop to Graskop loop.

We explored the town on foot, as it was too misty to ride. Graskop is too small to ride in anyway. Unless you feel the need to make many u-turns. I was facinated by the silkworm farm and industry while Mags was facinated by their products. Can you believe they pull around 1500 meters of silk thread from a single cocoon. The kicker is, that it comes off neatly without ever turning into a complete, knotted mess? Amazing!

Later in the day, the mist cleared up and we went for a short 100km loop ride via The Pinacle, God's Window, Wonder View and the potholes at Bourke's Luck. This is a truly beautful part of God's great earth. The roads are in excellent condition and condusive to a bit of hanging out in the bends. Luvverly!

Day 3: Graskop to Bapsfontein

We took another route home. We went via Sabie, Sudwala Caves, Montrose and Machadodorp. Manage to ride into one of our beloved toll gates where I forked out R116 for the two bikes. Mags felt so sorry for me she promptly offered to buy breakfast at the next stop, which was at Millies just outside Machadodorp. These darned tollgates is a real issue for bikers. A double cab bakke with four people in it and four bikes on a trailer behind it pays the same as a single biker! Daylight and legalised robbery, if you ask me.

We arrived at home, refreshed, full of beans and ready for another few weeks of keeping the bosses happy.

Out accommodation for the weekend on a misty morning in Graskop.

The incredible Bourke's Luck Potholes at the covergence of the Blyde (Glad) River and the Treur (Sad) River.

The view from God's Window.

... and from Wonder View.

Near achadodorp, on the way home.

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